Alison Taylor

San Francisco, CA

So I'm Alison, and I do things. What things? All the things.

Sometimes I manage projects and coordinate all kinds of activities.

Othertimes I make pithy remarks about stuff on twitter.

I'm the Events Director for ARTCRANK, which is probably the dopest art poster party for bike people that was ever to have existed. Non-bike people are also totally welcome, we like everyone.

Every once in a while I write things on a tumblr, then I let it die in the shady internet abyss never to be updated again.

I like to make art.

I have a deep obsession with finding the PERFECT pen.

I'm on my friend's developer team and review new iOS stuff as an unimpressed end user. hashtag technology

I enjoy wearing weird jumpsuits and high heels.

I want to be a captain of a ship some day.

I have big hair.

I like maps.

Traveling out of the country is my favorite thing to do.

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