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Apt Controls

Few professionals started this company in 1991 and continue to be managed by the same professionals. The company has earned good reputation for quality, timely delivery and service wherever required. Continual process of improvement is a way of life at Apt.

Mission and Vision:

We strive to achieve Customer Satisfaction through manufacturing and supplying electrical components, electric heaters and electronic products that are complying with requirements in terms of quality & quantity, in desirable time & price.

Product Profile:

Single pole Control with two pole safety
Water Heater Thermostat
Temperature Limiters
Enclosure Thermostats
Stem Type Thermostats

Application Areas:

- Electric water heaters
- Geysers
- Water baths
- Oil baths
- Space heating in switchboards
- Panels


-Engineers & technicians
-Quality auditors

Research & Development:

Research activities are instrumental in enhancing the quality of products and equipment. We engage ourselves in continuous research activities through our research and development unit. Latest developments and trends in the industry are incorporated in our production methods. We spend 4% of our turnover in R&D.