Andrea Puerta Domínguez

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

I am a adventure girl, i love walking on the mountains, learning about cultures, climbing, diving, skating, jumping from bridges. But is not just going and make a adventure activity, when i am doing it i use to ask for things that i see that i don´t know to learn about everything and i use to talk with the other people to know about their lives and make new friends if possible.

I am also a 3D artis, i use to watch tutorials and make the same and then make my own model using the skills i just learned. I love learning about all designing programs and video games, o also won a price because i leader a team and we design and program a video game on a week, it was so amazing and it was a good place to know people that is working with the same things i like and to learn about their workflow.

I would like to travel a lot around the world and learn all about cultures and try to teach about my own 3D modeling workflow.