Apumac LLC

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

Consumer electronics merchant Apumac LLC caters to wholesalers across the world looking for the latest in technology. Although primarily known for exporting the entire line of products from Apple Inc., Apumac also features items from the Samsung Group, Motorola, Inc., and the Lenovo Group Limited in its extensive inventory. Moreover, Apumac offers exclusive distribution contracts for territory supply logistics, licensing rights, and corporate franchise options. Apumac’s services also include preparation of customs documents so that customers overseas can receive their orders efficiently, as well as providing customer service advisors for technical expertise and repairs.

Over the past year, Apumac has expanded significantly. Having received recognition for excellence in customer service and shipping logistics, it saw a 50 percent increase in revenue. Additionally, Apumac began focusing on true market trading plans. Resellers on the open-source market benefit from its distribution models, which include licensing and supply contracts that allow them to acquire large amounts of products and sell them at profit. Customers who opt for the Tier 1 pricing plan can obtain up to 35 percent off their orders. To look at Apumac's offerings, log onto apumac.myshopify.com.

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