Albert Puntí


My name is Albert Puntí Turull and I was born on 12th May 1998, I have been in two kindergardens (Pandy and Cargol), I have studied in two pre-school (Arrel and Torrent de Can Carabassa), and I have studied in Torrent Can Carabassa, where I did until the 6th course. Afterwards I moved to Virolai school, where I am doing the secondary studies. I have been playing football, tennis and chess for five years. I have been playing piano since I was seven.

I play football for one soccer team called Catalonia. I'm taking piano lessons with my grandfather who is teaching me.

I have one sister, Marta. She was born on 22nd Setember 2000, she is younger than me although it doesn't seem. She's studying at Virolai and she can play the flute and sing.

I have had an au pair for five years who has really helped me improve my English.

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