Riyadh Saudi Arabia

My name is Sara, I'm 20 y/o & I study Occupational therapy at KSU. My motto is "Learn more, Study less". Hard worker only when it comes to acheiving my goals, analayzing people personality is my hobbie, books are my life and drawing makes me relaxed! As they say "Boredom is just another symptom of fear because you're limiting yourself within a box of safe", so I try not to fear trying anything new,wild & fun! What I love to do & things I love: - trying new things. - learning about almost everything and anything! - meeting new people. - trying new hobbies. - Pranking people. - I love kittens! tho i don't have one! :( - malteesers, Kitkat & Bounty can make my day! - Hitler. Yes, Adolf Hitler! - Emerald stone. - people speaking their mind. What I hate to do & things I hate: - Faking a smile/frowning. - Over-thinking. - seeing people seeking for perfection which it won't & never gonna happen! - Alzeheimers. - Spiders. - Complements. - Racism. - Phony/Shallow/ two-faced people. - when people spend their life comparing themselves to others.

  • Education
    • Occupational Therapist to be!