Aqib Malik

Human in Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

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On an odyssey to inspire the living race!

Founder & CEO - Capture Studios and Not Originals

Member of Youth Assembly at United Nations.

Online Community Manager at World Merit.

Detailed: Aqib Malik, 22, isfrom Pakistan. He is the online community engagement and social media manager at World Merit. He is the founder and creative director for Capture, a photography business which aims to use photos for change and has volunteered his skills to other positive organizations. He has also been recognized by the United Nations and was selected as a part of youth assembly at United Nations.

He has been running community service projects since 2012 when he was just 17. His first project saw him and his team raise more than 20K PKR to renovate an under-served elderly house run by a member of the community.

Every year since 2012, in Ramadan, Aqib led the Islamabad ration drive for needy people. The ration drive aims at providing the needy people with a month ration so that they may live their Ramadan/Eid happily. By far, they have benefited more than 300 families.

Every Christmas, since 2012, Aqib (muslim) organizes Christmas day celebrations with orphans living in a church hostel. As the leader, he plans different activities such as board games, songs, trivia questions for the children.

In September 2014, floods in Pakistan affected remote areas. Aqib and his former exchange Alumni friends from different cities organized a campaign named as “Save Flood Victims” which aimed at collecting donations to buy food and medicine for the flood victims.. We collected a good amount and were able to serve more than a 100 families in total. With that, he also volunteered his photo studios to cover the whole process. Here’s the link to the trailer video:

Workshops organized/Co-organized by Aqib:

- Youth Empowerment Workshop.

- Personal Development Workshops.

- Images for change.

- Tech Camps.

- English Camps.

Conferences/Workshops attended globally:

- Civics Education Workshop, D.C.

- Global NEXUS Summit, UN Headquarters, NYC.

- Global Entrepreneurship workshop, Islamabad.

Organizations Aqib has worked with:

- iEARN.

- Evolution.

- World Merit.

- DriveWealth.

- Pak- U.S. Alumni Network.

Number of students Aqib has mentored/given the workshops on personal development to:

- 5000 around the globe.

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