Aqib Shabir

Anantnag (Jammu And Kashmir)

I Am A Foolish Boy, With A Manic Mind. A Twisted Soul, With Broken Hope. A Useless Existence, With A Perfect Life. This Foolish Boy, Has A Foolish Heart. That Foolish Heart, Had A Foolish Dream. A Dream That Was Foolish, A Dream That Could Never Be. That Dream Has Broke His, And Torn Him In Two. It Brought Him A Heaven, Of Lies And Betrayal. That Heaven Has His Home, That Heaven is Now His Nightmare. Hez Waiting For An Escape, A Tiny PIece Of Hope. His Mind Full Of Death, His Heart Is Full Of Hate. He Looks To The Stars, A Place He'd Long To Be. His Heart Beats Slower, As The Blade Plunges In. He Smiles In The Face Of Death, And Awakes In A Frightened Poise