Aqil Amjid Khan

Student, blogger, and software engineering in Peshawar, Pakistan

Aqil Amjid Khan

Student, blogger, and software engineering in Peshawar, Pakistan

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Software Engineer


Everyone wants to become known and earn a great deal of bucks to spend a convenient life full of joys, me too... don't you? Close your eyes and think to yourself.... The answer is yes you also want all this.

But why not earn all this a different way? Why not benefit others too? Why not become known for a good reason along side being rich? Ever thought that you are just doing for yourself and not others. Why? What is their mistake?

I'm a software engineer and a good coder but I wanted to do something beyond this. I wanted to convey people with more and more day to day knowledge. So, here I am. A "BLOGGER" who has to earn money from his blog but also conveying other people with daily latest news and things which they really need to know.

Being a software Engineer and having more attraction towards this whole new era of tech, I've chosen to write on daily tech news and also want to convey people with the right manners of dealing with new gadgets and softwares. I'm currently writing at DiaryInc.

Not persuaded yet, have a look at my skills below ;)

A skilled content writer who has great passion for writing and is fond of blogging. Currently enrolled in IM|Sciences Peshawar, the discipline is software engineering. is a startup initiated by him along with friends. He is an editor at Diary Inc and covers different topics regarding tech, software and gadgets. Besides, he is offering services on fiverr (a freelancing platform) and has an interest in day to day technology, particularly Software.

BLOGGING, SEO, FREELANCING, CODING, MOTIVATING NEWBIES, CONTENT WRITING, this is all I do. Wait, I also swim when free and play some shots of snooker.

My hobbies are writing on anything that just came in and is related to tech plus I love being on more and more social networks.

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