Aqilah Afandi

Student and Photographer in Serdang, Malaysia

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I am a student and currently living in Serdang, Malaysia. My interests range from photography to travel. I am also interested in education, cooking, and volunteering.

There are some things that people appreciate about me. Most of my friends are proud of my photography and editing skills. They appreciate my skills by pleasing me and ask for some tips sometimes. My family especially my mother really proud of my positive attitude which is truthful and righteous. I also can baking. For instance, I do sell macarons, cake and pavlova during holiday and majority of my customers are my friends and relatives. Yes, there are all very supportive!

Next, what matters to me based on education are how I perform on my study and what I've achieved in during that period. It's really matter for me to make sure all people that i love are in a pink of health.

For me, people can help myself by giving motivation because it's like a fuel that drives me ahead. People also can help me by control their actions because I'm the one who is easily annoyed by others.