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Hi there! 🙋My name is Aqilah binti Halit. I am from Johor and studying at UPM Serdang, taking Bachelor Science of Major Statistics.

Firstly is an appreciation. The things that people may appreciate about me are my characters and the way that I treat people💞. Some people may said I have a serious face😠 but actually I can be a naughty😛 and a talkative 😙person after knowing me. I really appreciate😘 people around me so that they will be nice to me. I am a simple person and friendly🙆.

The most important thing to me is my family👪 . I can not go through my life very well without them😔. They are the one who always keep supporting me. 😆Life and education is very related to each other. Life need a good education 🎓to gain a better and happy life ever after.💰💼👪🏡

For sure in my life, I want to be a better person. As I am an open-minded person, I accept all the critics and please feel free to correct me✅ if I am doing something wrong❎. I will try my best to correct myself.💯