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Hello, I’m AQILA. I’m a student living in Selangor, Malaysia. I am a fan of music, food, and cooking. I’m also interested in volunteering and shopping. Honestly, i don't have any idea to write this blog even the task is simple which is 'about me'. By the way, i will try to write it as simple as possible. Firstly, about appreciation. i think people appreciate me because i loves to make friends. Then, i could help solve problems and stress gain in the college. My friends say that i am a very funny and an interesting girl. But, sometimes they always say that ' i am blur :( ' because i never pay any attention when they talked to me. Actually i am not blur but i am deaf. haha.. Next, my talent. i cannot sing and dancing. I cannot imagine if i am dancing. huhu so terrible. I am pretty sure that everyone has their own specialties. To me, i think i am very enthusiastic student and i think this is a strong point of me. huhu am i so 'perasan' ? haha

Second, about the education and life. Everyone has their own dream. Everyone wants to be a successful person. It is same to me, i want to be a girl that has beauty with brain. I want to be a knowledgeable girl. I want to finish my studies with a good result. Pray for me okay? The most important thing, i want to be an independent person. Almost all the time, i prefer to be alone rather than stay with the fake people.

Lastly, about how to support me become a better student and person. hurm. I like when people motivate and encourage me to do the right things. Guiding me to the right path so i don't forget or easily influence with the bad things. I think i am done do my first task. i feel so 'lega'. hehe Thank you for your reading.


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