Jordan Markuson

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Aqua Health Labs Presents PhytOriginal

The Advanced Alternative to Fish Oil

Scientists agree that marine phytoplankton are the ideal source of the Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids we all need to stay healthy. But the dietary supplement industry still relies almost exclusively on heavily processed fish oils.

Aqua Health Labs offers the only environmentally sustainable, algal source of EPA containing fresh, live phytoplankton. It’s better for you and better for the environment.

PhytOriginal is never processed.

Natural nourishment from the whole plant means the vital nutrients:

✦ Cardio Health
✦ Immune Function
✦ Intestinal Health
✦ Skin Health
✦ Mobility & Flexibility
✦ Eye Health
✦ Athletic Performance

What we grow is what you get – a fresh, natural, live source of EPA.

PhytOriginal isn’t just an alternative – it’s an upgrade.

Get Your Fresh Start Today!

Choose the only live, plant based alternative to processed fish oil Omega 3 supplements.

Get your fresh start with just one dropper a day!

Keep your PhytOriginal in the fridge just like your other fresh foods. Take it straight from the handy dropper or include as a quick, easy addition to a healthy breakfast or workout recovery snack.

✦ Drink it straight!
✦ Drink with water!
✦ Stir in juice!
✦ Blend in a smoothie!

Visit our website for more information and to order your supply today. Learn the pros and cons--compare our plant-based formula to traditional fish oil! Discover the many benefits by choosing our plant-based and sustainable formula!