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The Aqua Life Swim Academy was born out of two of my life-long passions: Swimming and Teaching!

My passion for swimming was sparked unexpectedly at the age of 11 when a friend invited me to try out competitive swimming. That first practice with coach B. was eye-opening. I was terribly slow, but I pushed my body (and mind) harder than I ever had before. I loved it! I loved the feel of moving through the water and the challenge of trying to swim faster and farther. Little did I know that first day that swimming would have such a lasting impact on my life. Over the years, swimming has enriched my life with long-lasting friends, mental balance, self-confidence and the freedom to swim just about anywhere!

Swimming also led me to teaching and shortly after joining the swim team, I became a lifeguard and swim instructor. I loved working with children and earning their trust. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out what my students needed in order to learn and was deeply moved by the joy on their faces when they made progress in the water.