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Aqua Lounge

Aqua Lounge

We are a new upscale couples Club / Lounge & Spa Resort that has now been holding some of the largest events in NY.
Our enormous, one of a kind venue, unique and astounding events are of such you haven't experience elsewhere.
We are devoted to providing, not just fancy words, but actually the only true upscale and unique venue & event experiences you've ever seen hit the lifestyle.Don't take anyone else's word for it. Come experience it for yourselves.

2 large floors of charismatic couples just looking to forget the stresses
of life, and get the chance to meet interesting and attractive people. 2nd floor is of
a very large lounge area, with byob-bar, wall to wall couches, great music (DJ performing on
occasions), and plenty of dancing.

1st floor is quite different. It's more of a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Furnished with a warm bar-side Jacuzzi, Pool, 2 Saunas, Steam Room, and additionally separate Bar & Lounge area.

We find this type of ambiance gives couples a more natural and relaxing
atmosphere. Allowing them to be more themselves.Given the chance to get to know each
other better, both intellectually and physically. Whether you prefer an
upbeat Club / Lounge area, or you're ones who prefer a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere,
There's no doubt, having the best of both worlds allows everyone a more comforting and enjoyable
time meeting others. In addition we have a large separate on-premise play area and many private rooms for those who wish their privacy