Aquamarina Twin Rivers

In addition to providing outstanding storage, mooring, and repair services to boat owners, Aquamarina Twin Rivers features a wide array of dockside attractions for every member of the family. Conveniently situated near the marina, numerous local business offer excellent dining, adventuring, and entertainment opportunities.

For visitors or residents interested in a traditional, home-cooked meal near Aquamarina Twin Rivers, Grannie’s Restaurant serves what many consider to be the best breakfasts in the area, also boasting a reputation for friendly and capable customer service. Families and individuals seeking fishing experiences but not wishing to take out their own boats can book fishing charters from a number of nearby companies, such as K5 Fishing Charters, Reel Adventures Fishing Charters, Bite ‘Em Back, and Spottail Charters, among others. In conjucntion to fishing tours, visitors to the dockside area by Aquamarina Twin Rivers can choose between two diving tour companies, Fun 2 Dive, Inc. and Sunshine River Tours, both of which offer excursions that feature manatees and scallops. Rounding out the marina amenities is a branch of Sea Tow International, a marine assistance franchise offering 24/7 roadside assistance for trailers, as well as special loan programs and boat insurance.

Aquamarina Twin Rivers members enjoy all the benefits of these local businesses while receiving the highest quality services for their vessels at the marina. Furthermore, by becoming a member of Aquamarina Twin Rivers, boat owners receive privileges to dock at any marina affiliated with Aqua Marine Partners, a property development and management, including all Aquamarina marinas, located in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and New York.