Aqueelah Muhammad

Senior Academic Advisor, Writer, and Amateur Chef/Cook in New York

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I was born and raised in the best city of the Midwest, Chicago, IL, during the death of disco.

I am a DePaul University alumna (c/o 2003), budding writer, and I moved to New York City in February 2015 (the day before my birthday) after accepting a position with one of the colleges in the CUNY system (which I started on my birthday 😁).

I am a lover of many things nerdy - Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, and so on. (Sadly, however, I've never been to ComiCon.) Sarcasm is my first language - I was using it before I uttered my first word in English (incidentally, it was a naughty word). I love...LOVE comedy. If there is anything you will catch me Netflix-bingeing, it will likely be one of my favorite stand-ups or sitcoms. I also love music, and live shows are one of my favorite pastimes.

Avid Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef watcher (and not because of my serious crush on Gordon Ramsay), which feeds into my amateur chef-ness (I make a mean eggnog cheesecake, and my best friend goes "ga-ga" over my chicken corn chowder, savory turkey meatballs, and zesty shrimp and cucumber salad).

  • Education
    • Hyde Park Academy (1997)
    • DePaul University
    • Queens College