Molly Bennett

I come from a background in UX Design, working with Marketers, Developers and Project Managers, so working as a recruiter finding jobs for my fellow tech nerds is a great match for me! I represent UX Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Web Designers, Web Production Artists, 3D Artists and Front End Developers. My clients range from large and established to small and quirky, from Seattle to Redmond and everything in between. They have long-term contracts, short term contracts, project needs and contract-to-hire openings. I like to stay connected in with the industry (reading TechCrunch at every opportunity), and frequently send out info about cool events that appeal to the inner design geek. Documentaries about a wood type museum? A mobile app that will tell you when to take a bathroom break during a movie? An incredible 3D piece that is so realistic you think it's live video? I'll make sure you're in the loop. Whether you're a web 2.0 interaction design specialist, a Flash scripting guru, a 3D game design rockstar, or an information architect extraordinaire, I speak your language. If you're looking for your next gig, or hoping to hire someone great for your project, I am here to answer any questions you have. Let's get the process started.