Aquila Ledbetter

Student in Washington, DC

Aquila Ledbetter is a Social Innovation Advocate and has been working on youth and economic empowerment since 2004. She has a background in teaching, community organizing, campaigning, and information technology. Aquila has work with a wide range of nonprofit organizations, governments and individual youth from teen moms to The Salvation Army, US Peace Corps Namibia, DC Government, and the Fannie Mae Foundation. Aquila is currently launching the Afrisource Project, a technology service innovation hub for young entrepreneurs locally and internationally. For over 10+ years Aquila has been recognized by a wide range of media such as the Washington Post Magazine, The Washingtonian, WAMU Radio, Priority (The Salvation Army), the Namibian Newspaper and other organizational news articles for her grassroots abilities to mobilize youth, parents and educators in IT Trainings, community service, job training, enrichment activities and/or most recently Washington DC Voting Rights. Aquila can be found on twitter as @quilquil. Aquila is currently based in Washington DC with extensive overseas experience. Aquila obtained a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of the District of Columbia. She has completed several industrial certifications in IT and Project Management. Aquila is pursuing an additional M.S. in Sustainable Development with World Learning, SIT Graduate Institute in Washington DC. She is performing research while serving as an Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Intern for Namibia’s Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.