Ulises Aquino

La Romana, Dominican Republic

A 20 Years-old man From Dominican Republic, with a extremely enthusiasm for business, finances and economics, daily struggling to fit in one of those worlds, I've been surround by the incorrect form of proceeding in life, fortunately I belong to the minority who have seen beyond than getting acostume to whats normal, I have self-educated me in many ways starting from something so simple as music culture to how I dress, speak, behave and think with the target of become a person who can provide value and motivation to others everywhere step in. Am currently coursing the 10th semester of Business Administration on a local college, after that am willing to go for my degree in economics and public finances more than likely abroad, I worked for a trading hedge fund, which was pretty excited because made me interpretate better what I like the most. outside business and all that involved it, for music I rather, classical such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias and more from that tree, in other of those things that call me are Suits, watches, cars, airplanes, history and smart ladies. "Money is not what really moves me if not to become a well stablished man with a reason to wake up everyday and do."

  • Work
    • Caribbean Italian Style, Inc
  • Education
    • High School graduated, Business Adminitrator student