Student and Writer in New York


Student and Writer in New York

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Hello there! My blog links to my tumblr if you wanna follow! Both don't follow applies to both ig & tumblr tho

— 🌿 —

☁️ My name is Lee!

☁️ I'm Mexican even tho I look white af ( -᷄◞ω◟-᷅ )

☁️ I'm female and use she/her pronouns

☁️ Gay and I have a cute gf who's Lerissa!!

☁️ I'm fat as fuck (๑´ㅂ`๑)

☁️ I'm 15, turning 16 on July 24th!

☁️ My top 3 anime are HxH, Haikyuu!, and Osomatsu

☁️ I'm not kin but I want to be tagged as these characters bc I love seeing stuff from them! (If people kin with these characters tag them instead bc I rly don't want people on my ass?)

⭐️ Jyushimatsu (Osomatsu-san!)

⭐️ Bokuto (Haikyuu!)

⭐️ Yams (Haikyuu!)

☁️ I write fics and that's the only semi-talent I have so don't expect much from me,,

☁️ I'm obsessed with cats and post them often!!!

— 🌙 —

🔮 Please don't follow if:

❌ You're homophobic/transphobic

❌ Are triggered easily

❌ Don't like yaoi/yuri

❌ Don't like NSFW stuff!!

— 🍃 —

🌸 If you have any other questions pls don't be afraid to ask :0

🌸 I hope to get along with you all!