araanza Camacho

Mexico City

Well I am a person who loves dogs, is idol of God! if it is something I love photography! I love going shopping with my parents! Leave much to reform. I am someone who believes very much in love I am so in love 😍 😍 something I also super love is English! I am someone who does not care what they say it!They do envy! I hate that if gossip! I love cafes Expresso73 I have 3 brothers 1 is super obnoxious the other is Ladino thousand and the other is older and knows his stuff! I do not like to get into the lives of others! Is yours and you will know what to do with it and I know what to do with mine I do not like mess that is my life are my problems! I am a princess of God'm really into your word ..! I feel like talking about me through anything!I would give everything I can for my family for never losing my friends! I am one of those few people who still exist that support others in whatever! And where! I'm ready to tell my parents what God and Others I sometimes dislike my grandmother! YOLO and something that I have is Swag Traducción I really love Christmas! I am very passionate to soccer futball and American 😍 will play the 2 and I am not ashamed