Arab American Actors #1 in hollywood since 1982

Sam was born in a little village called Telaskif in northern Iraq. He attended his high school in Baghdad and after graduation at the age of eighteen, his family moved to Greece. There, he learned a new culture and language, and soon thereafter moved to United States of America (Detroit, Michigan). He grew up in Detroit and attended Wayne County Community College and received an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts. Then off to California.

In 1982 he started attending the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), where he majored in Film and Cinema. He then continued his studies at California State University in Northridge and received his B.A. degree in Motion Picture and Television in 1987.

When Sam finished his studies, he started his professional career in the field of MPTV. He worked as a freelancer for independent films and major motion picture companies locally and internationally. He has produced several features and short films for the US and Middle Eastern markets.
Throughout the years in working with major studios, He has gained experience and knowledge in developing skills, methods and guides to conduct his work on a professional level.