Arabelle Rose

Anorexic in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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ALL people with EDs deserve dignity and respect!

OSFED, Atypical AN | That AnaMia Butterfly Bitch You Hate | Retail Whore | Failed Sex Worker | Recovering Alcoholic | Adult Child of a Alcoholic (my father has since passed away when I was 10)

Gender: "A ballerina [woman] must have more then grace & flawless technique to be successful. She must also be abnormally thin. It is a dangerous obsession for many dancers. 'if they want thin, I will give them thin. And I did.'" - Dying to Be Thin

Extensive pant size info included bc of vanity sizing in the US. There are like they only jean-like pants I wear, and I wear them for work so yeah lol!

(Sometimes it does not let me update my stats so go to my site for the most current stats)

Height: 5'5

Pant Size: US 10 (Waist: 32") (Hip: 41.5")*

HW: 204 lbs ~ (BMI 33.9)

•CW: 159.0 lbs ~ (BMI 26.5)•

❄️GW: 105.0 lbs ~ (BMI 16.6)❄️

LW: 98 lbs ~ (BMI 16.3)

❄️105.91 lbs is 15% below my ideal body weight of 124.6 Hamwi Formula (1964). When I 105.0 lbs I will be more then 15% under my ideal body weight. At that weight I reach AN (which I want because you have to be thin thin to get it).

(My fellow Retail Girls will get all of this gibberish)

*(Brand: Mossimo. DPCI # for Size 10 Jeggings: 014-09-5197, link to Jeggings: Link to Target's sizing charts: