Araceli Roiz

Newark, California, United States

Araceli Roiz is a fitness enthusiast who attends the gym 4-5 times a week as well as trains for marathons and other long endurance competitions.

Since hurting her knee in college running, she has worked diligently, and safely, to return to her passion. She believes her life-long passion for running has made her a stronger woman, both physically and mentally.

Araceli is now training and looking forward to competing in various local marathons and events. With every new race, her goal is never to win a medal or prize, but to prove to herself she is capable of exceeding her own expectations and improving upon her best times.

When Araceli is not working out, she works in international finance and macroeconomics. Her experience in these industries has made Araceli an expert in the field and a sought after asset for companies who want a leg up on the competition.

In the past, Araceli has closed multi million dollar mergers with international companies, while saving her own company millions in the process. Not only is she knowledgable and experienced, but she knows how to leverage that knowledge to adapt to new situations and challenges.

The passion with which Araceli approaches everything in her life is what makes her such a unique person and sough after employee.

  • Education
    • California State University - Stanislaus