Aradhana Singh

"The dandy should aspire to be uninterruptedly sublime" am I...!!!!

"Hate me for what I am,Love me for what I am not... I'm Back To Make The Things Better" a crazy person to mingle with, kool attitude to enjoy, hard nut to crack but sweetest soul to know.. Peace Lovin,a dreamer and a Lone Ranger....behind Black Eyezz!!!!

Ambition and aspirations upsurge high in my blood and genes. Determination and get-up-and-go drives me crazy to the level of cause to achieve the world of impossible.

I alone can handle the bundle of task crammed with challenges; I am not the type to shun accountabilities, and idleness is something that vexes me most. Strong will runs from head to toe to hold my sustainability, don’t wait for the solution to come rather I rush to get it from any nook or corner.

Great philosopher,a writer, a thinker, a philanthropist, cool headed, dreamy eyes, dwelling mind, beautiful creation, kind soul, complicated thoughts, refuse to be the part of the crowd, believe in destiny,creative head with mind on shoulder, traditional yet contemporary.B E A U T I F U L and MYSTERIOUS APPEARANCE LOST IN THOUGHTS.....