yard sard

Artist and Student in Palatka, Florida

yard sard

Artist and Student in Palatka, Florida

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yo im aradia / anthony / jade

14, aries, intj, lawful+neutral evil

i'm 5'4" and i will fucking fight you

mentally ill (stpd, bpd, npd, adhd) and in a system

jackass who probably spams porn and sollux captor

im dating nea and tz dont follow me if you dont like them you asshole

im fickin n otherkin. that and more brain things r in the portfolio

i'm really fucking gay for rats, my dfs, and sollux captor. i will not hesitate to spam utter nonsense and shout into your face

dont follow me if ur lgbtphobic/antikin/ ableist/racist/antisemetic/etc, or a double of me or me dfs/frens

if i softblock or jst block you youre probably an asshole or i thought you were inactive sry

im an sjw pizza rat and i hate the cis


jakey wakey eggs and bakey

kylo. i dont really think we're friends its more llike a close hate-friend thing but idgaf shes ok in a bad way

john is my bro

ruby is a faded bro

and i have som mutuals i cant remember that r rly cool B)