A. Rae Smith

San Francisco

Rae has a history in shaping physical developments in cities and towns by the intersection of design and policy. Shefocuses on reconciling the pressing demands for change and growth, with an ambitiousenvironmental agenda, under the constraints and great aspiration of each individualcommunity. She has visualized sprawl in suburban environments, setup land preservation techniques in rural environments, supported green infrastructure,drafted design guidelines for climate responsive university campuses, and created people-oriented, multi-family housing.

Recognizing the on-going shifts in global systems such asclimate change, income inequality and access to app-driven transportation, herprojects balance regional influences and the rise in hyper-local neighborhoodactivism. Her involvement in recent high tech, high controversy mixed-useprojects in the Bay Area point to how transformative the current culturesurrounding development today is and the priorities and changing needs of thenew generation of city builders.

Working as both a Planner and a registered Architect onprojects in very distinct places across the South, New England, Bay Area, and abroadin the UK and the Middle East, Rae balances today’s complex planning anddevelopment issues with thoughtful analysis of global case studies in search ofsupporting sustainable development models. Her research includes regional policyformation, removing regulatory barriers to smart growth, and online communityengagement platforms.

Above all, she is persistently advocating for today’s most livable urban places.

  • Education
    • Masters of Architecture, Georgia Tech
    • Masters of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Tech