Arahia C Karina

Hey, I'm Arahia. 14 years old at this time. I'm waiting for my 15th birthday party. I dunno why I'm so excited for that. Well, i love my life,my twitter friends,and my real friends too :) They're worth it. I always have fun with my classmates. We also went to mall together for shopping or eating in the restaurant,such as a good time. I proud to be myself :) I'm not smart, just got 14th rank in my class,haha!lol :p But I'm so proud because it's a real "ME" I also have a twitter crush but i'm afraid to tell him.Maybe he'll know about it (someday) Well,I love an amazing British actor named Asa Butterfield. I love his movies so much. The first time I saw him in his movie named "Nanny McPhee and the big bang. I thought that he's amazing! I fell in love with his blue eyes! so pretty *_* And, my favourite singer is One Direction. They're such as an awesome singer! Well, i've a dream to see a snow. Because snow is beautiful,haha. So many things i want to do in my life. I wanna go to London to continue my life. So many dreams that I want to make it happen. There's so many adventures in my life. But i won't give up. Keep dreaming and trying. And,here I am..A little girl who wanted to raise. Reach all of my DREAMS!!