A Rahman Ali

Software Engineer in Karachi, Pakistan

A Passionate Full Stack Desktop, Web and Mobile Developer and a technology enthusiast, who has a focus on wearable technologies as well. About two years of experience in software design, development and implementation. Currently working on Web Apps using Core Javascript with HTML and CSS, MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js) stack, Hybrid Mobile (PhoneGap/Ionic) & Cross-platform Desktop Applications. I have command on JavaScript also have a knowledge of C# and Java. On the web front-end I have worked extensively with AngularJS, Django, jQuery, D3, Three.js, HTML, CSS and so on. On the web tier with Node.js. On the back-end with NoSQL Database such as MongoDB. I can develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps using hybrid technologies: Android apps with Nodejs & AngularJs and Desktop apps with Chromium.

A Long way to go!

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