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Project Manager, Consultant, and Small Business Owner in Qatar

I'm a Dynamic Process Analyzer Professional with detailed knowledge and experience of process and environmental analytical systems in all aspects. Experience in Analyzer systems specification, design, construction, installation, commissioning, start‐up, maintenance and performance monitoring and judging in different industries like Ethylene production, LDPE, LLDPE, Sulfur recovery plants, Utilities plant and LNG. Experience in All parts of analyzer system starting from sample extraction and up to sample disposal/return and going through sample preconditioning, transport, conditioning then the analyzer and communication with control system. Experience in specification, design, maintenance and operation of Analyzer Houses, shelters, cabinets and all associated safety monitoring and HVAC systems. Range of analyzers/analyzer system components manufacturers and system integrators Knowledge Range of analytical methods and techniques knowledge including but not limited to Chromatography, spectroscopy, electrochemical cells, paramagnetic, TCD, FID, ISE, FPD, TOC, COD, BOD, QCM, Paper tape, physical proprieties, Calorimeters, colorimeters and chemiluminescence. Experienced with combustible and toxic gas detectors, fire & gas detection systems and Fire suppression systems. Familiar with control valves, pressure, temperature, flow and level transmitters & switches. Aware of most of Analyzer systems Related Standards, Codes and Practices from ISA, IEC, NFPA, API, ISO, PIP and ASTM.

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