A Raja Rahul

As an overtly shy kid, I often fell short of expressing myself in public. Words did come upto my throat but melted into thin air just before their actual delivery. But the urge to express myself remained inside. This prompted me to ink my expression instead of uttering them . Writing was thus the vent to my feelings. The written word thus became the voice of this dumb. And this dumb has become a verbose in the text mode ! What started as a means to express myself became the expression of many -- some known and some unknown. What started as a need gradually developed into an interest and finally has become my passion. I am now presently in the IT Industry. My team loves me. I have proved to be an efficient & smart worker ! But somewhere deep inside I know that I am meant for some other purpose ! Its not that I regret my job but I feel that I have to meet some real ends . And to me, this real end is Writing - Writing good and Writing a lot ! Nothing gives me more satisfaction and pleasure than writing. Hope to express myself to the whole world pretty soon !