Yasutomo Arakita

Yasutomo Arakita

Yo! Eh, just a quick about since twitter doesn't let ya write a lot in the bio's, and I wouldn't really want to include this much in a bio anyways.

My Arakita is loud and angry, and will take every opportunity available to insult you. However, he never really means it, unless he genuinely dislikes you (in which case, it will be very clear). He'll also resort to violence often and say things without thinking them through. If something is said that offends you a lot or crosses a line, please message me!! It's not my goal to hurt anyone, and I care about everyone I interact with, even if I'm rude.

I kinda project myself onto Arakita since we're very similar in personality, so the following stuff is partial headcanons that I just incorporate into how my Arakita acts.

Age: This isn't really something that comes into play a lot, but I mention Yonan and talk about the interhigh in past-tense a lot, so it's assumed that my Arakita is either in the third year or graduated. I'm always willing to play a younger Arakita (first year) or an older Arakita (in uni or graduated from uni). If you want to do either of those (or even something else?) , just message me!

Gender: Amab agender. (This doesn't really play much of a big part in RP. Arakita doesn't care if you call him a boy or a man or any of that.)

Pronouns: They/them or he/him.

Physical appearance: Same as canon, but with lots of scars from his injuries. I always wonder why canon portrayals never include scars-- I guess they'd just be too much of a hassle to draw.


I am willing to do NSFW (I actually really enjoy it), but I will only do it over messages!! I would also prefer to keep serious romance to messages.

There aren't many things that bother me, except for pictures of meat (as in, cooked or uncooked animal meat, meant for food) or injured/dead animals.