Aramis Khorchidian

Student in the United Kingdom

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Aramis Khorchidian is an inquisitive high school student at the International School of Geneva, also known as Ecolint, located in Switzerland. With a deep-seeded passion for biotechnology and biosciences, Aramis is eager to specialize his studies in these subjects upon graduation from Ecolint in 2018. His interest in the biotechnology sector was sparked during the Human Physiology unit in Biology class. Aramis enjoyed studying drug interactions and the effect of small molecules on cellular activity.

Outside of his academic pursuits, Aramis Khorchidian is a dedicated philanthropist who cares deeply about giving back to his school, his community, and those who are in need around the world. At school, Aramis is a member of the Academic Committee, which helps organize a variety of events including science fairs. He frequently volunteers at the library, helping to organize the constant influx of books. This summer he participated in a volunteer trip to Armenia where he completed public service hours while helping build homes.

During his free time, Aramis enjoys playing the violin, skiing, and boxing. Music has always been one of his main passions as it is a great way to balance out his busy, highly academic lifestyle. Meanwhile, skiing has provided him with a strong sense of discipline. Aramis has grown up skiing his entire life and, for several years, he trained with a ski racing team that involved training for over 18 hours per week. His love for Thai Boxing developed more recently but has proved to be one of his most rewarding hobbies. For Aramis, Muay Thai style fighting is an incredibly fascinating sport that teaches respect and perseverance as well as builds a strong mind.