Aram Kulhanjian

Project Director, Rescue Diver, and Aerospace Contract Manager in Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Aram Kulhanjian Bio, I am dependable, extremely fun and love to enjoy life. I love staying active and bike riding. Paddleboarding is fun and I don't fall in anymore so I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm really good at it. Recently I went with a great group of friends Kayaking and I can't wait to do it again. I love music, laying in a hammock while reading a book, spending time with family n friends, traveling and enjoying new flavors. Speaking of which I am a very good cook, well at least that's what all of my friends tell me and I'd like to think they're not just being nice. I've also been told that I'm the hostess with the mostest. I like to experiment with new recipes when I cook (especially love to try creating visual art with food), experience new cultures, and try new things. - Aram Kulhanjian

What I'm doing with my life - I'm ambitious, focused, and career driven, but not at the expense of those I love. When it comes to relationships, I am loyal, loving and supportive. I surround myself with positive people and things. We only live once and we need to enjoy our journey while we are here. I have a larger than life attitude and give a lot, I love having a good time and can always enjoy getting to know new friends. I think there is a positive side to every situation. - Aram Kulhanjian

I lead a healthy lifestyle and my close friends would say I'm the outdoors'ee type. I love swimming in the pool, beach days, and boating. I'm currently training for a Half Marathon and Olympic Triathlon (a fancy way of saying full distance triathlon).

My daughter is my inspiration and my coach. She is now nine years old and full time in my life. I love her and take care of her. I have earned the title "Super Papi" from her, which I truly live up to. - Aram Kulhanjian

Enjoying the things I love to do, brought me to find the woman of my dreams. Arevik has opened my heart again and shown me that love is real. With glowing eyes, silky skin, humble heart, and a quickness to forgive, she has captured my attention making me never want to let go. Someone I can talk to openly, walk with while never getting tired, and explore with as new ambitious adventures turn our way. I have done more in the last year of my life than I’ve imagined possible. I’m so happy I found my Little Zucchini who keeps me always reaching for my goals. - Aram Kulhanjian

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    • Aerospace & Defense
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    • MAST Academy
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