Aspasia Rammos is a member of the international wedding photographers association (

She was born in Athens, Greece. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management & Visual Arts from Deree College, she took the Fine Art Photography course offered by Platon Rivellis and subsequently attended fashion photography seminars at University of the Arts London Central St. Martin’s College of Arts and Design.

As a graduate Aspasia worked as Visual Merchandiser for Nike, gaining invaluable experience in creating, recording and presenting complete images.

Then she met Dimitris Rammos! Meeting Dimitris was a life-changing experience, a dream come true. Their passion for images and natural light led them to travel the world together. Photography and their love of nature led them to Asia, India and Indonesia, where they came in contact with the art of Yoga. Aspasia lived in India where she studied Hindu philosophy and qualified as a yoga trainer at Kaivhaladhama School of Yoga as well as Karma Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Aspasia doesn’t just document reality. She loves creating tableaux, which seek to capture the feelings that make up the moments of our lives, great and small, public and private. Mindful of the current climate, she manages to avoid barren repetitiveness in her work while offering competitive prices. In her own words….

….Weddings are an art form, or at least this is how we at Great Day see them. Weddings are an extraordinary experience, an experience we witness, document and make a dream from. We are immersed in the couple’s experience. I become one with the couple’s rhythm, I immerse myself in the day, mingle amongst guests, trying out the couple’s choices, harvest the day’s feel, experiencing the emotions at first hand. These emotions are the source for my canvas, the images of a lifetime that I am called to create.

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