Arantxa Moreno

Chapel Hill, Nc

My name is Arantxa Moreno, and I go to school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. My major is Advertisement in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I speak three languages natively: Portuguese, Spanish, and English. I speak Italian proficiently, and I am a novice in French.
I was born in Madrid, Spain and was raised in a Brazilian home. I moved to Miami, FL, at a young age and go to college in Chapel Hill, NC. I love learning new languages, traveling the world, eating all types of food, appreciating new cultures, and taking adventures. I enjoy all types of art, history, music, and movies.
Recently, I studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia, through an exchange program in UNC Chapel Hill. Being accustomed to traveling the Western side of the world, Australia opened my eyes to a new side full of beauty, vibrancy, and modernity. I will be traveling to South East Asia this coming summer.
I consider myself a foodie, jetsetter, chocoholic, animal lover, wannabe wine connoisseur, scuba diver, language nerd, yelper, movie fanatic, and adventure seeker.
I am looking to learn about marketing, research, new media, advertisement, public relations, and corporate communications, especially in the international market area. I enjoy traveling and try to go to a new country every year to learn about language and culture.

  • Work
    • RuffaloCody Phonathon at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Education
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill