Ara Rose

Cashier in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Financial subs must tribute before talking to me or asking me things, link is above:

I love animals, books, Twitter, feminism, psychology, sociology, warm fuzzy things, and learning new things.

Current cashier and dogsitter. Dabbling in professional knitting.

If you ask which Target I work at I will block you. Period.

Also, if you have anything (even nice things) to say about my body should you see it, shut up.

I also don't discuss food much on this account. At all. I have a account for that and in this society if you think it's so easy to say, "fuck you," to society you are extremely privileged.



First and formost I am a Anorexic Federal Agent.

If you happen to find my account on Eating Disorder Twitter (ED Twitter) and are oh so horribly offended then block me. IDGAF.

And yes, posting "thinspo" and talking about what your ED behaviors are in a way that encourages them is Pro-Ana.

Also please do not bombard me with "body-posi" stuff trying to cure me or whatever. It does not work like that.

Also don't tell me to eat because's not going to work...