Sarah Azad


I'm Sarah Azad, 14 years old and I live in Kurdistan, nothing speciall yet..But if you follow me now, you will know how great I will be in 10 years! Now I'm in the 9th grade, and I love movies, soccer, writing, taking photographs, reading, and drawing, oh yeah forgot to mention, GAMING! Add me on League of Legends game, EU nordic server ; (Lord murderer 2). And on Call of Duty black ops 2, add me ; (HisoKata3) :D

I hope I will become an actor one day and have a movie with the amazing Johnny Depp, Or become a very good architect and make the World's 8th Wonder, Kurdistan's Castle, so everyone will actually know that Kurdistan actually exists. Or be a famous writer like Shakespeare or Charles Dickens or Cecelia Ahern (my three most beloved writers), My dreams are unlimited. But the closest one to reality is becoming an artist, and share my drawings with the world, which I already do on an app called Draw Something 2 (and I would be happy if you followed me there) @SarahAzad

I made this becuase I was bored, and I've just ran out of words, and I just realized that this is not my diary...So I better take off.

soo.. See ya! :D

P.S/ I took that background picture with my Nikon D90 cam in a coffee shop down the road.

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