Arash Malmaci


A good story is the foundation of all marketing, the story we tell or the story we sell. Therefore all marketers are storytellers.

My work is to affect people and influence the market. I am passionate about changing and challenging existing structures by finding new ways of building relationships.

The Internet gives us the opportunity to influence one relationship at the time. By that I mean that our trademark is not what we tell the costumer, it is what the customer tells the next person. That is why it is important to understand the value in telling a story with substance and honesty that is worth retelling.

To be able to meet the twist and turns of the creature we call the Internet we have to be curious and creative.

When I back in 2006 started engaging people through Facebook, the Internet was very immature but it was great for creating movements. Back then we were three guys spreading the culture of electronic music through guerilla marketing and Facebook groups. We managed to get thousands of people to pay for tickets to our club arrangements.

2005: After studying marketing in high school I built a company that quickly grew from three to 15 people in the business of food and beverages. It was a tuff assignment being a 21 year old having to both financially and emotionally take care of employees, trough economy crisis, and economic prosperity.

But most importantly from this experience I learn the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss uses the mandate he is given by the company to tell the employees what to do, while a leader is someone whom the employees choses to follow. I will always aspire to be a leader and never a boss.

2010: I got myself a management degree I started work