Arash Titan

Entrepreneur, Author, and Researcher

Arash Titan

Entrepreneur, Author, and Researcher

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Alireza Salehi Nejad, also known as his pseudonym Arash Titan, is a Persian-Turkish researcher and businessperson - the founder and executive director of Titan Incorporated, a business consulting company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Arash is an alumnus of Asia Pacific University and Staffordshire University Business School, graduated from Shahid Chamran University with a degree in Translation Studies, and pursued his postgraduate studies in International Law and British Studies.

Arash has the experience of collaborating with numerous academic publishers - including Elsevier, Cambridge University Press, Canadian Center of Science & Education, Scientific Research Publishing Inc etc - and scholarly journals as an editorial board member and reviewer.

Arash is an avid sportsman and apart from his martial arts success, founded a mountaineering club, which boasts hundreds of members from over 50 countries, the majority being from Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Tanzania, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan.

In addition to his literary work, his major research interests are business management, communication skills, interpersonal skills, contrastive literature, critical analysis, and translation studies.

My story...
Living in various environments and multicultural societies gave me this opportunity to learn and get familiar with people representing different cultures, ethos, and principles. Considering that I was studying at a university with international student community from over 105 countries and managing a mountaineering club with members from over 45 countries with different backgrounds, perspectives, and visions; making team works very challenging. All these led me to know many people and make new friends and connections from different parts of the globe, which offered me the opportunity to learn their languages and become a polyglot.

I consider good communication skills, strong public relations, and sophisticated leadership experience as fundamental keys in establishing my business consulting company.
Knowing that today’s tears are the result of the sweats did not pour yesterday, I worked my way to achieve what I want.

My art, my greatest art, is the skill to live within me.

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