Ara Jaingue

Consultant, Digital Marketer, and Small Business Hustler in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ara Jaingue

Consultant, Digital Marketer, and Small Business Hustler in Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a seasoned Digital Marketer, Strategist, Management Consultant and dynamic Leader with 14 years of combined experience in Marketing, Digital, Sales, Management Consulting and Customer Experience Transformation.

My achievements have always been about pushing boundaries, solving complex business problems, and shaping breakthroughs.

More about me:

► I am first and foremost a Strategist. I love owning the full gamut of Marketing: from traffic and audience building to acquisition and retention!

► I am a modern marketer and a master in integrated marketing communications. Customers don’t see lines – why shouldn’t we?

► I am a marketing artist and scientist. I believe in building a strong brand, and I enjoy crafting compelling campaigns. I am also data- and numbers-driven, analytical and entrepreneurial.

► I am a thoughtful risk taker. I would fly on a Cessna up to 11,000 feet to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape and then bravely dive right into it and soar with a strong strategy and direction in mind.

► I am a dreamer and a conqueror. I have big ideas, and I am not afraid to execute on them. I also believe in building strong, motivated teams, dreaming and working alongside them to achieve goals.

► Having worked in 3 continents now (Asia, North America, Australia), my global and international experience has taught me to look beyond the horizon – and have the vision to define it. I appreciate diversity and deal with ambiguity well.

► I believe in being social, and not just doing social. Getting our customers to rave about our product is a must.

► Travelling is in my veins. I have been to 65 cities, 30 countries and 4 continents. I am currently writing my Travel blog to share my adventure stories with you! Watch out for it!

When I’m not working on a big idea, I enjoy reading, dining, traveling, and learning new tools and technologies. Reach out if you want to talk business, technology, digital and skydiving!

Read more about me as a Digital Leader & Strategist leading in the workplace and shaping breakthroughs.

View an online community that I conceptualized, developed and launched, from the ground up: We Inspire Futures.

Other awards I received are:

Winner, Marketer of the Year Award, CCH Canadian (2010)

Winner, The Unrivalled Team, Nelson Education (2012)