Aravindan Umashankar


Aravindan Umashankar


Who Am I ?

I know not , yet attempt to share a bit of what I assume I realize.

Thinking of "What Can Be" has occupied my recent times with a firm belief & conviction that "We can Analyse the past but We have to Design the Future' . I therefore "think" to seed a plausible future & seek to design my destiny.

My conscience "To travel is better than to arrive! Its all about the journey and not the Destination"

I do believe that each one of us have a calling and I await for mine to dawn.Until then seeking many myriad imprints of mind while allowing the wandering of heart.Shepherding both will enrich joy of my journey of life.

What make me tick ? - Unbridled Optimism & Ambition.

Selling , Leading , Motivating , Music ,Movies , Economics , Sports, Writing , Travelling occupy my days & nights.

I yearn to influence optimism , entrepreneurship , creativity , innovation , design and lead a life when left behind is rich in legacy.A life wonderfuly well spent.Life of a Global Citizen and a proud accomplished INDIAN.

Musings - armchair thinker, excessive drinker, glamor blinker, beanbag dreamer , lifetime bachelor, filterkapi lover , occasional writer, wants to be lighter !

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