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Aravindh Narayanan

Product Manager, Start-up Co-founder, and Entrepreneur in Chennai, India

Aravindh Narayanan: Is a Technologist and Co-founder of Y2K2 Content Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Who actively takes control of Product Management | Project Management with experience related to Technical operations, software development and database management systems.

Aravindh Narayanan is responsible for the technical operations and focused on scientific and technological issues within the organization. He brings new updated technologies to the solutions architecture and creates advanced design strategy for technical scenario and to the operations.

During his Master's program in IT at Waseda University, Tokyo Japan, he helped build sensor systems using underwater wireless sensor networks in Japan and continued to work with,

Nokia Siemens Networks as a Database Administrator for developing systems in analyzing data collected from mobile cell sites and base stations on .Net Silverlight technology.

Upon returning to India, spent a lot of time in learning, understanding the market trends and identifying niche areas which required immediate attention for systematic solutions to be incorporated. Hence, co-founded a content management services company (Y2K2 Content Management Services Pvt. Ltd) that serves big clients on various domains including logistics industry and e-commerce for small/medium business owners.

He has been instrumental in many projects to have designed and built an intelligent tool for small/medium business e-commerce sites on the latest technology based on the algorithm and architecture designed by him.

And now, he also has been instrumental in the development of key technologies for the product “Vehilog” designed and developed by an in-house team of experts for fleet management and logistics industry and continues as Technical Head for the same since its inception.

  • Work
    • Y2K2 CMS Pvt. Ltd
  • Education
    • Waseda University
    • Nagoya Institute of Technology
    • RMK Engineering College