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Under The Eiffel Photography

St. Petersburg, FL

Hey guys! Welcome to my bio. A little about myself... my name is Alisa, and I am the owner (and photographer) of Under The Eiffel Photography. I am also a mom, a fiancee, a nursing student, a baseball coach, and I work full-time in an Orthopedic unit at a hospital.

I was born and raised near St. Petersburg, FL (Go Rays! Love my Tampa Bay Rays.) One of my favorite things about where I live is that I can decide last minute to go lay out, paddleboard, and/or photograph a sunset at the beach and be there in five minutes or less. Photographing sunset beach photos is good for the soul, especially for a stressed out nursing student. :-)

I discovered that I have a passion for photography {sort of} by accident. My family still makes fun of me for it, but for about 5 years I was addicted to taking "selfies." Yes, I admit it... When I started dating my fiance we were a long distance couple. The first two years of our relationship were spent traveling between Florida and North Carolina once a month to see eachother. So of course, I valued the photos I had of us together, but I always felt awkward asking strangers to take a photo for us. Luckily... I discovered that my arms are the *perfect* length for one-or-two-person-selfies! So I took our photos myself and I got ridiculously good at it!

Back then, I had a Kodak Easyshare C875 point and shoot (now $19.99). I only knew how to use the "automatic" setting on that beast. It had other options, (portrait, landscape, and close-up) but I had NO clue what those meant. The images I got on the teeny-tiny 1.5 inch screen should have been illegal to print. When I was shopping for that camera I saw the cute portable printer that came with it and I was instantly "SOLD!" I remember being overly impressed by the ability to print a 4x6 or 5x7 anywhere. I guess I thought I'd shoot some professional quality photos, instantly print them on my hand-held printer, and randomly sell them to waiting strangers... *sigh*... Anywho, come to find out the ink refills and photo paper for that dumb little printer cost more than the whole camera! I resorted to shooting my selfies with my Samsung phone until my fiance bought me a Samsung TL220 point and shoot. I like to call this one "the holy grail of selfie cameras." It had a nice big 3 inch LCD touch screen on the back, and a bonus 1.5 inch built-in selfie screen on the front so I could easily line us up right in the middle of the photo... SCORE! I still have th

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