Arben Sali

Stockholm, Sweden.

I work at esali which is a result driven and passionate, full service agency that offers creative digital solutions with a dash of business sense to increase traffic, interaction and conversion through strategic content, media purchasing and design.

We at esali are a group of business development "Generalists" that work closely with our established partner network of "Specialists" to provide solutions within Marketing, Sales, and IT/Operations.

This working model enables us as Generalists to gain valuable insight which is derived by observing the synergistic relations and interdependencies within these three closely related areas as opposed to just one.

Furthermore, our established partner network of "Specialists" provides us the capability of being as attentive and flexible as a small company yet as professional and resourceful as a large corporation representing the pros of both worlds without the added cons.

The final outcome is a unique synergistic recipe for success that enables us to deliver equally well in our 3 key business areas separately and/or as a whole with exceptional results every time.

The solutions we provide in our 3 key areas are in the form of services such as recruiting/consulting, analysis, planning, strategy, development, implementation, execution, monitoring and follow up.

  • Work
    • BEA Systems
  • Education
    • University of North Texas