Arbico Computers

London, United Kingdom.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to find out more about Arbico!

Arbico Computers is one of the leading Custom Built PC Specialist in the UK. We were incorporated in London in August 2003 with the slogan "...more personal than a PC".

We are a U.K. Registered Company and are fully registered for VAT purposes. We ship our products to all parts of the UK.

We started out as a simple custom built PC builder on eBay with a small range of Desktop PCs for sale. However we quickly began to grow and diversify. The range of PCs we have on sale now range from the Cheap Desktop PC to more exciting hi end offerings such as the Overclocked Custom Gaming PC range, our Quiet PC / Silent PC range, Multi Monitor PCs and Hi End Video Editing Workstations!

Nowadays the majority of our orders come directly through our website and over the telephone. We have two branches, one in Leicester (Midlands) and the other in Sydenham, South London.

Since our inception we have gone from strength to strength and enjoyed phenomenal success. We have sold nearly 50,000 personal computers direct to businesses and end users as well as to trade.

A big driving force behind our success is the fact that we treat every customer as an individual and aim to exceed their every expectation. It is because of this that we have attained a Platinum eBay Power Seller Status and a 99.7% positive feedback rating on eBay based on over 14000 positive feedbacks. This means out of 1000 customers we serve, only 3 are not totally satisfied with our services.

This is a huge feat considering that we sell PCs to retail customers. If you have ever owned a PC, then you know that a PC is a complicated machine which can run into all sorts of problems. Plus there are some novice users out there who panic at the first sign of trouble, even where the solution is sometimes as simple as switching on the power button at the back of the PC. Once you consider this, you can appreciate that maintaining a 99.7% satisfaction ratio is only possible because we work extremely hard towards making sure we exceed our customer's expectations with regard to our products as well as our customer service and after sales support.

Most other companies pay little attention to after sales customer service but at Arbico Computers this is a very important way of setting ourselves apart from others. So where most custom built PC makers, save on costs and compromise on s