sunny mornin' rain is fallin'


I'm Kyle, a 17 year old dude. I live in Minnesota. I probably won't accept your follow request (Currently sitting on around 100+ atm, ahah.) But everyone else is making these, so why not jump on the bandwagon.

Uhh, let's see...... I have a pretty small variety of interests, but feel free to talk to me about 'em. These include: -This also fits under what I mainly post.-

✩ Team Fortress 2 - Feel free to ask for my steam if you wanna play. -

✩ Metal Gear

✩ Pokemon

✩ Furries

✩ Love Live! - Feel free to ask for my SIF ID if you wanna add me. -

✩ iDOLM@STER - Feel free to ask for my Starlight Stage ID if you wanna add me. -

✩ Dogs - Spefically: Akitas, Jindos, and Shibas. -

✩ Animal Crossing - I don't own Happy Home Designer quite yet, but I do have a very nice town on New Leaf. I know how to map hack, villager edit, hex, et cetera, so feel free to DM me if you wanna learn how to do those.-

Eh... If you look past the fact I may not accept your request, don't if any of these apply to you.

You're going to vague me for any reason. I don't really care and I'm just going to block you. Tag me if you wanna fight.

You're going to breathe down my throat to tag you as your kins. Frankly, I'm not exactly hot on the kin thing, and I tag people on a first come first serve thing. I don't double tag either. If you do see something I post untagged and you wanna be, feel free to let me know.

You associate with Kevin, @mistmouse. Basically, Kevin treated one of my dearest friends like absolute shit and didn't realize his mistake until he was gone, and trying to act like the victim. Pffffft. -By the way, don't believe the statement on his about page. Feel free to DM me if you want to see real proof of what happened.- I can make an exception if you're a nice person.

You're following me just for my user. I will absolutely not give it for free unless you're a good friend, but you can feel free to DM me and shoot me an offer. I also own @gallade too. A word of advice: If you think your @ isn't worth mine, and offer it anyway, chances are I won't think it's worth it either.

You aren't going to DM me. No hard feelings, man, but I'm just gonna decline 'ya. Sorry, buddy.

That's about it. If you've read this and wanna follow, shoot me a DM. Thanks, I hope we can be friends! Oh, also, please like my posts, man. Pleeeeease.