Arcanum Development

Indie Game Studio in the United States

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Games. For thousands of years, games have brought billions together. Whether is be online, or on a table, there has always been an appeal about the idea of winning, the idea of losing, and the idea of having fun. We make things. Games. Apps. Programs. Servers. We use the existing player base on some games, and build onto those, completely re imagining that game. We're developing apps. Planning games. Meeting with investors and competitors daily to discuss the future. Which is looking more than great.

Arcanum started because of one man. Kelsey Montgomery. Our founder and chief developer. He created an app called Sphere Bounce and was beginning to market it when he met Nathan Sykes, while searching for investors. Nathan brought his own game, Stolendale. Most recently, we've been testing the physics of Minecraft by creating a multiplayer server like you would a game, with game design documents, art, and clean, stable code. Trevor G. is in charge of that project, and it's probably going to be our last project until we open and can manage these three. But who knows? We've been toying with some VR stuff, and we're getting ready to plot our next ideas.

Arcanum Development was created with one thing in mind: The freedom to achieve any project of any size. Big and small apps and games are passing through our doors, and we're proud to be one of the stablest indie studios in the market, with in house composers, artists, programmers, all working together to make great games.

13 strong. Only fueled by our imagination and a lot of Coke. I mean really, we drink through 80 cups a month. No joke. Anyways, this is getting off topic. Our work speaks for itself. GO and try some of it.