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Small Business Owner in China

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ARCBRO was founded in 2008, the Chinese brand portable CNC cutting system, while with the Japan quality in the world.

Currently, ARCBRO has become the best company doing portable CNC cutting production. Taking advantage of endurable industry steel, we use only carefully selected materials. That must have high quality.

Our sales engineers are fully trained machines consultants. Being positioned in local markets enables our representatives to respond swiftly to customers’ needs and communicate with them in their own language. In addition, it allows us to gather ideas generated locally and turn them into new products and technologies that benefit our customers around the globe.

Our Products

CNC cutting machine

CNC plasma table

Plasma cutting machine

CNC pipe cutting machine

CNC tube cutter

If you have any query or need any other information related to our products or services then please contact with us on below detail : -

Address: Xinfang Industrial Park, No.218, ChaoYang District, Beijing 100024, China

Tel: 0086 10 65798995

Fax: 0086 10 65790867

Website -